Webs cover designAre we ever what we first purport to be? Everyone has hidden agendas, no matter how nice they are, and there is nothing wrong with a bit of innocent planning – until deception takes over. Then planning becomes plotting, and innocent and guilty can get trapped in the web of deceit – drawn in like a spider draws the unsuspecting fly into its web…

When her mother meets two men via the internet, precocious teenager Lily’s plotting starts in earnest; the romantic demise of the suitors and the re-installation of her errant father. But there are other plots underway around her as well because each and every one of the people in Lily’s life is steadily working on their own agenda – from the relatively innocent to the far more deadly plans of the killer behind the local murder Lily’s father is investigating.

And so they each become both spiders and flies in their own ways, planning their plans and ultimately becoming caught up in each others deceptions. But whilst Lily and her mother merrily weave their innocent plots around domestic bliss, what they don’t know is that none of the men in the confusing romantic merry-go-round are quite what they seem. Worse still, one of them is the murderer – but which one?

Release date – autumn/winter 2013


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