Falling Awake

Falling awake draft cover design 2When Joe meets Mary, an office girl at his father’s factory, her titian curls and bright red mac are a splash of colour in his dull existence and he rapidly finds her filling his imagination in a way he hadn’t ever expected to happen. But how much does he know of Mary and her life before he met her? Their runaway romance soon leads to impending fatherhood without filling in the mysterious gaps: act in hast and repent at leisure, they say.

Mary certainly is an enigma – to herself too, especially after she brings home the battered old book she picks up in the second hand book shop, which seems to prompt so many unusual episodes in her life. But are they real or imagined? And how and why does Joe begin to intrude on her dreams? If he’s active in them too, is she asleep and dreaming, or awake and going mad? Personal pressures on both Mary and Joe impinge on their personal psychological stability, so the question is, which of them is mad and which sane?

Apparently we all have the ability to establish consciousness whilst still asleep. It is called lucid dreaming and if mastered, the dreamer may manipulate the dream to conclude how they wish it to. Maybe we not so much go to sleep in our lives, but occasionally, fall awake…


Release date Spring 2014


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