My Work

My novels explore different and unexpected transformations and the insight they give us, through exploring the characters experiences, into ourselves and our own beliefs – and what might challenge and transform us too if we risked exploring that challenge…

front cover CM

Chained Melody tells the story of both a transformation for one gender to another, and a transformation of attitudes in others. You can read more about it here

and an excerpt from it here.

Webs cover design

Webs is due out in autumn/winter 2013 and examines the psychology of three very different people as they interweave in a tale of intrigue and deceit.  You can read more about it here

and an excerpt from it here.

Falling awake draft cover design 2

Falling Awake looks at the phenomena of lucid dreaming – and how our imagination can impinge on our reality, but which version is real, and who is sane in the telling of the tale? You can read about it here

and there is an excerpt from it here.



What am I working on next? A bundle of ideas, including my first funny – Trivet, and Patchwork People, a journey across fifty years as a man seeks  the roots he lost in childhood but finds other strange and disturbing revelations about himself as he examines what roots really are and how they will shape his future.

You can also read more on Wattpad and Goodreads – you’ll find me on both under Debrah Martin and Debbie Martin.


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