A Writer on Writing

  • 14 Ways to tell a True Tale – find it here:
  • The 7 Ways of the Tale Teller is here
  • His, yours, theirs or Gods – picking a POV is here
  • Finding a Style is here


  1. I came across an article that, to my surprise sounded like a problem I have everytime I sit down at my desk to just write something! The editor in me rears it’s ugly head and everything I write gets trashed ! FRUSTRATING !

    • The advice is always to read out what you’ve written and magically the solution appears. I don’t think that’s necessarily true but I certainly found I perceived what I’d written differently from reading it aloud because it most nearly mimics what my reader will perceive. We writers get so close to what we’re doing that sometimes we lose objectivity. When I did this exercise with Webs, I realised I had to have all my characters in Webs in 1st POV. When I did it with Falling Awake I knew they had to be in 3rd omniscient. If you can’t get volunteers to read what you’ve written – mine are always reluctant even though they promise the earth – forget what an idiot you feel and read it out loud. You pick up all the other editing faults in it too.

      Or just a thought – maybe we should start a support group and read an extract from each others?

      Good luck with our common problem, anyway!

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