Posted by: Debrah Martin | February 7, 2017

Audiobooks – getting them into the ears of the world…

audiobook-imageSo maybe you now have joined me on the journey towards converting the world to audio? I hope so, because apart from being an exciting way to dive into a book – and especially good for  those people who – in this busy world – are just too busy to make time for a book otherwise, as a writer you also get a different perspective on your work too. Most writing tutors – me included – will encourage  their students to read their work aloud. It is the best way to listen to rhythm, content, style and flow. Now add to that the perspective another reader gives to it. Is that what you expected? Is that what you intended when you wrote it?

coloursIt’s a fascinating insight into what your readers may be experiencing from your book as well as an amazing editing tool. That aside, a voice makes anything come alive, so listen and marvel at how your world appears with full technicolour sound (alright – forget the techinicolour …).

But having enjoyed that moment when Audible, or whichever platform you’ve chosen to produce your audiobook through, tells you your audiobook is now live for the world to listen to, you suddenly realise that marketing your shiny new audiobook is a whole new ballgame. Where are the Bookbubs and the hundreds of free book download sites to promote it through? Where are the Amazon ads, the easy wins through traditional promotional means?

Bad news!

Currently there are virtually none.

Nor can you reduce your audiobook’s price to FREE or anything even approaching that.

happy symbol

What you can do is this:

  • Take advantage of Audibles offer of 25 free US and 25 free UK promotional codes.
  • Use them to hand out to potential reviewers to collect reviews.
  • Use a site like Audiobookboom to invite reviewers to apply for them.
  • Use them in giveaways to build your audio book list.
  • When you have 10 reviews, you can promote your book on a site like Amazing Audio Books (requires 10 reviews before your book will be accepted) or before then on AudaVoxx 

And here’s a little trick to avoid your promotional code being used by a potential reviewer  to purchase an altogether different book – sadly there are scammers in all areas of promotion! Redeem your promotional code first – scroll to the bottom of the Audible website and look for ‘redeem a promotional code’. Once you’ve redeemed the code, search for your book and click on ‘give as gift’. The book will be placed in your basket using the promotional code in payment. You will then be invited to write and accompanying message to the intended recipient (your reviewer), with their email address, and the audiobook will be delivered directly to them. Make your note accompanying the book pleasant and non-spammy, saying you look forward to reading their review if they would like to leave one in due course and that you hope they enjoy the book. You will still get recipients who don’t review, but it’s an occupational hazard, and at least, when they are searching around for an audiobook to listen to, yours will be the next in their inbox!

I hope this helps with what is relatively difficult. In time, hopefully there will be a Bookbub for audiobooks. In the meantime, get creative. Remind everyone of the advantage of listening, rather than looking, and about Audible’s 30 day free trial, not forgetting Amazon’s Whyspersync offer; for anyone having already bought your book on Kindle, they can buy the option to switch between reading and listening for only a couple of pounds or dollars. Here’s what the text of the Whispersync offer for Patchwork Man looks like:


You can find my whole Patchwork trilogy on Audible here:


Patchwork Man

Patchwork People

Patchwork Pieces

so don’t miss the opportunity to get them free by signing up to Audible’s free trial!

My website (and where you can see the type of books I write) is:

A free copy of Patchwork Man (digital) can be downloaded via this sign up link

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