Posted by: Debrah Martin | September 3, 2015

Patchwork People Free Spree

Do you people watch like me? I admit I do it a lot – I find people and their behaviour fascinating (including why I behave as I do myself at times!). I recently had a conversation all about people getting the wrong message about a situation from their companion’s behaviour – only to realise belatedly that my companion was doing exactly the same thing with me and my let’s get into someone’s head question. I was trying to find out his take on a certain type of behaviour for one reason, and he thought I was trying to find out his take on a certain kind of behaviour for a completely different one! Oops! Awkward… Serves me right!


Lawrence Juste does it all the time too, especially with his wife Margaret – with deadly result. How? Here’s your chance to find out. I’m having a free spree with Lawrence and his patchwork past. If you haven’t read any of the series yet, do a bit of people watching on me and watch how Lawrence gets himself in and out of trouble – over and over again right up until … But that would be telling! Why not read them for yourself!






Pathwork Man (a BRAG Medallion winner) will be free on 3rd and 4th September here.









Pathwork People will be free on 5th and 6th September here.










And Patchwork Pieces (in which you’ll find out what the ‘until’ is) will be free on 6th and 7th September here.





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