Posted by: Debrah Martin | August 21, 2015

A little bit of treasure goes a long way: Magpies

MAGPIES-3DMy second YA novel was released today: Magpies. It follows 16 year-old Lily – as she describes herself

“Lily Stuart, teenage detective, Ubiks creator and original head case… ”

and a cast of school friends ,

“Jacob, being current King of the Most Weirds, is the original confectionery rent boy who’d do anything for a blueberry muffin whilst in year eleven – with or without boxers, including lie face down in a puddle, until Mrs Beamer, head of social indoctrination, caught him. Add to that Sam and The Band; ever heard a cat wailing out of tune down a Smarties tube? Yep – that’s The Band (although don’t tell Melezz I said so); stupid Sam – Melezz’s other half, Adrian Adams – or Ade the ace as he so sadly calls himself (more like Ade the ass…) and Luke the lever (it’s a kind of tool, isn’t it?). To be fair, Sam is actually a genius on guitar, just a bellend in other ways. And he can’t sing, even though he can write – lyrics that is, not essays. Then there’s my so-called BF Melissa (Melezz, but I’m not going into why now), and Jas, Queen of Bitches – but not the royal consort of Jacob. Oh, no. Jas requires someone far more perfect than a dickhead with an IQ of 165. She requires…Matt – and that’s where civil war kicks off between us, because Matt is the man of my dreams – as well as hundreds of others across our tired little market town sixth form, unfortunately. We also boast Shazzer (no shit), Joe Lorrie – aka Arnie (after Arnie Schwarzenegger because he was ripped even at fourteen), Fred Minge (don’t ask) and now Si – the swear word machine. What more could you ask for as companions at sixteen?”

So it’s aim is to make you laugh as well as hold your breath, rush through the pages and empathise – with Lily, with Sam, with Si, with Jacob, and funnily enough, even with Jas, Melezz and Matt. Why? Because even if you’re long past your teens, you’ve been there too. Maybe not exactly the same place as they have, but close. I hope it will raise a smile and an acknowledgement from not just the teenagers of now who will understand all the in-jokes and teen-speak in it (“he’s a bae” – which my proofreader so conscientiously tried to correct to ‘babe’), but also the adults who are now their parents (like me!).

Thank you my sixteen-year-old and twenty-one year-old daughters who put me straight 😉

And if you’re curious to try out a contemporary YA novel that doesn’t have fantasy, werewolves, vampires, or anyone suddenly discovering they have magical powers, give Magpies a try  – it’s even FREE on Amazon on the 23rd, 28th and 29th August …  I shall be posting some little snippets from it over the next few days – feel welcome to pass on and re-blog if you wish.

Try the first book in the series too: Webs – and find out Lily’s back story. Webs is also FREE on 28th and 29th August.WEBS-3D

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