Posted by: Debrah Martin | April 1, 2015

April is for poets

April is national poetry month


Did you know?



You do now.




My favourites – Roger McGough, Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, John Donne, EE Cummings – to name but a few. A mixed bunch, just like people. I shall pay homage to them and the start of spring with a poem when the muse hits me but how do you get started writing poetry – or more difficult still, keep going and write it well? Here are  some prompts:



And if you’re really up for a challenge this April: a poem a day in April …


In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote a while ago about my family:


My family


straw and feetMy older daughter is red, ruby red.

She flicks the crimson tip

Of a wicked tongue across each lip.

Vamp, harlot, studious geek,

‘Call me ‘Scarlet’,’ she will cheek!

And yet sweet sixteen is wholesome too,

A red summer apple that is crisp and new.


Deep purple, and moody;

My younger daughter.

Inscrutable as China, mutable as water.

Like the pile on velvet, she’s deep like a sigh,

Silk to the touch when her spirits are high,

But then abrasive and contrary

If the adolescent nap is brushed the wrong way.



My yellow dog,colours

A golden blur

Of tail and fur.

Lolling tongue – a smiley face,

Smiles aren’t just for the human race.

Stretched out like a long yellow rug,

‘Rub my tummy, give me a hug…’


Deep brown, my husband that was:

Deep as the brown of the earth

The dust to dust, the dearth.

A warm autumn brown as the leaves’ hues turn deeper,

Not harvested by the seasons, but by the reaper.

Yet always steady and solid in our past.

Love may die, but it will always last.


space hands image for echoes blogAnd finally me? What colour do I see?

The colour blue? Reflective, sad?

No, deep as the sea; that’s good, not bad.

Watching my family grow and evolve,

Childhoods have passed, and death’s forced a resolve,

But life ebbs and flows, like the sea,

I look forward, evergreen, to colours yet to be.




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