Posted by: Debrah Martin | March 23, 2015

I am …

More writing from the edge; this time from the edge of Wantage – and a bit of fun, if a little dark …

Our challenge (alright, I admit it – MY challenge to the group): to write a piece about something where the outcome seems obvious, but conclude with a totally unexpected ending. I’m into ‘outcomes’ at the moment – as you’ll see if you sneak a peek at ‘The Definition of Iniquity’, which is starting to take shape now. Here’s my outcome:




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI stalk you with stealth and sharp claws,

for mine is a subtle art.

You do not see me coming, or watch me go.

You do not feel or smell the air that presages my arrival,

swift and sibilant.

And you do not sense the imminence of death,

only shudder with the shock of impact.


I wait for the unplanned moment to strike;

the time you do not look or see.

I watch you revel in the boundlessness of life,

and its presumed infinity;

ignorant of your precarious purchase on it.

Then I pounce;death










I give you as an offering;

a part of the teeming mass of the earth;

a gift for the mistress of it.

I lay it at the feet of the meaning of life, and wait –

for a gift from DEATH must bring a favour, or some other boon.


My mistress speaks…







“Oh Deffie, you’ve brought another mouse in. That’s just so gross!”






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