Posted by: Debrah Martin | March 14, 2015

Awards – worthy bling or just ‘ker-ching’?

I’ve just won an award – a B.R.A.G. Medallion for Patchwork Man, PATCHWORK-MAN with BRAG medallionthe first in my Patchwork People thriller series. Am I delighted? Of course! Will it sell more books? That has yet to be seen.

So you’ve won an award, you say. So what? It’s all about selling books now, not being lauded, isn’t it? And isn’t that mainly for the traditionally published? The Costa Novel and Man Booker Prize winners?

No: prizes are for all – and there are many, many self or indie-published novels out there that are a thousand times better than traditionally published work that has been chosen purely for its commerciality – we all know the kind of books I mean… Why shouldn’t an outstanding indie author not be recognised for their achievements and skill as much as a traditional one? After all, we all know we have to work harder, longer, for less reward and with less encouragement than someone on the traditional conveyor belt too.

Of course to even self-publish a book you have to have a certain level of belief in it. If you are a serious writer you will have edited and re-edited it, usually using a professional to do the same, proofed it – again professionally – had a beautiful cover designed, thought carefully about the back cover blurb, the Amazon description and keywords, and who your audience is. You will also – of course – started the whole process by writing an incredible and fascinating book… All things we’ve all heard many times over in the process of writing and self-publishing, but this is different. An award is different. All things we’ve all heard many times over in the process of writing and self-publishing, but this is different. Now self-publishing is so freely available to all-comers, not all indie books are created equal, and there is still a sense in some quarters of looking down their nose at an indie published book. Winning an award gives it a credibility it’s sometimes hard to a establish as an indie otherwise. padlockWhat winning an award really means is that your book has official approval from professional readers, reviewers and bloggers, who know what a good book is like. It also means that agents, traditional publishers, rights buyers and your readers  look at you in a whole new way.

I think every good writer – indie or traditionally published – should have a shot at an award and giving themselves a great big pat on the back. And as with everything for the indie published, it’s where being DIY is an advantage because you don’t have to wait for someone to nominate you – you do it yourself! Whether you make the final cut will depend on the quality of your work alone – but why not have a go if you’ve never tried it before. Next time, it might be you announcing you’ve won an award and jigging around the room (yes I did that – still am, actually …).

BRAG registered- 800



Below is a list of awards and competitions indies can enter which I’ve pulled together from trawling the internet. Not all of them will be appropriate and you should check the details, costs and whether they are still active before submitting. Beware too that some book awards are more focused on making money than recognising the accomplishments of the authors. Only enter a book award contest after careful consideration and review of its reputation:



B.R.A.G. Medallion

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Indie Excellence Awards 

Indie Reader Discovery Award  

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Axiom Business Books Award 

Beverly Hills Book Awards 

BookWorks Self Published Authors Prize 

eLit Book Awards 

Epic ebook Competition 

Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards 

Global ebook Awards 

Nautilus Book Awards

Green Book Festival Awards

International Book Awards  

IPPY Awards

London Book Festival 

New England Book Festival

New York Book Festival 

Digital Book Awards

Reader Views Literary Awards

Reader’s Favorite Book Awards

San Francisco Book Festival

Ben Franklin Awards

The Eric Hoffer Award

The International Rubery Book Award

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Shelf Unbound Writing Competition For Independently Published Books 

USA Best Book Awards

The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards  

Mom’s Choice Awards

Best Indie Book Awards 

In the meantime, please have a look at Patchwork Man and admire my new bit of bling – and if you fancy reading the series Patchwork series coversit’s

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