Posted by: Debrah Martin | March 4, 2015

Something to B.R.A.G. about …

As the title says … I’m so delighted to have been awarded an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion for Patchwork Man I’m literally hopping about. And it looks so smart on the cover – don’t you just love a bit of bling?


PATCHWORK-MAN with BRAG medallion


But what does an award mean to an author – apart from something to brag about?

Writing is a solitary business. We think of the idea alone, we plot the story alone, we write the book alone and we agonise over whether it’s good enough alone – until the editor gets hold of it. Then we wring our hands in horror – alone – at the red ink over the page or those damn little notes onscreen. In fact the only time we’re not alone in writing is when we get feedback from our readers  – and even that is often hard to obtain. Many writers liken getting reviews to pulling teeth … So when you win an award it’s like birthday, Christmas and winning the lottery all rolled into one because finally it’s someone OFFICIALLY saying, “this books OK – in fact its more than OK, it’s downright brilliant!”

So here I am, writing my blog (alone) but saying to the readers who read it, the reviewers who reviewed it and the awarders who’ve awarded it something for me to B.R.A.G. about – THANKYOU – for assuring me I’m not alone in being delighted I wrote it. Cheers B.R.A.G. Medallion, and cheers Patchwork Man!




And another little bit of celebration next month as Patchwork Pieces is released on 13th April (and is already available on pre-order) to conclude the trilogy that Patchwork Man started; not forgetting Patchwork People in the middle. patchwork-people-3D




Go on, be just a little bit tempted to find out what I’m ranting on about …




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