Posted by: Debrah Martin | March 15, 2014


Whilst the presses roll on Webs and the editor scribbles all over Falling Awake (sneak preview of the cover photo here),


I decided to share the story writing them took me on. Firstly with Webs because it is popping out first – like having a baby as, after all, books are author’s babies.

How can three such disparate characters tell the story of a murder?


The world is full of disparate people, and putting us all together is what creates events, happenings – and unfortunately sometimes murder too. It certainly produces ‘baggage’ or psychoses’ of varying degrees. Even Lily has her issues – some very much teenager-based, but reflective of modern society and what we do to our younger generation with advertising, body image and expectation.

When you write a book, you think you’re just telling a story, until the story starts to unravel. Then, to get into character and write authentically for or as them, you have to understand them. You have to literally become them whilst you write and then you discover the parts of them that are already inside you – a disturbing experience at times. However, it also refreshing and thought-provoking. It makes you have to try to understand friends, colleagues, family – in fact people in general – when otherwise you would tend to generalise with ‘it’s just their way’. It is, but it’s their way because of something. The ‘somethings’ Webs turned up were fascinating – from psychosis (obviously) to Buddhism, grief to the art of flirting, dogs to Sherlock. Falling Awake brought me face to face with lucid dreaming, madness, superstition, genealogy, dream meanings and the strangest bookshops in the UK – amongst much more. Writing requires a lot of research as well as a lot of writing, so join me in my research …

Coming up first: Teenage-speak

Webs - front cover

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