Posted by: Debrah Martin | December 12, 2013


Aww, c’mon – it’s almost Christmas, and we all get a bit sentimental round about now. I was even more so tonight, having watched my daughter perform in a dance show staged by her school, and was so impressed by the talent all around me and hidden in the most ordinary of places. It made me a little ashamed of all the commercial hustle of the season, and as my writers group had already set us to write a poem about Christmas, here’s my tear-jerker …

boxThe Gift

Every year the same:

‘what do you want for Christmas?’

And usually I give the usual flippant reply:

‘rob me a bank’,

or I earnestly create a list –

possessions I would like to have,

but don’t need;

things I might want,

but don’t.

This year I paused and thought harder than before –

a new space seemed to require a new answer,

but the only thing I could think of was time.

Time to savour,

time to use,

time to create,

time to enjoy – everything I already have,

because someone already gave me the best gift of all.


Cheesy, huh? But true.

Have a merry season of goodwill, but most of all enjoy what you already have. I’m hoping to have a guest blog post on here for 1st January in support of a children’s cancer charity – so  do have a look in to see what it’s all about then too.

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And on Christmas day? Oh, definitely on the wine …


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